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Sei ein Heiliger! – Arbeitsanweisung für jeden Christenmenschen.

Gastkommentar von Dr. Markus Büning, Nottuln (Deutschland)

Eine Anmerkung zum neuen Apostolischen Schreiben „Gaudete et Exsultate“ von Papst Franziskus

Das neue Apostolische Schreiben war im Netz noch nicht einmal auf der offiziellen Webseite des Heiligen Stuhls zu finden, da fanden sich schon wieder die ersten Claqueure am Start: Alles nur Geschwafel! Typisch Bergoglio! Purer Sozialaktivismus! Aufweichung des Lebensschutzes! Usw. usw. … Nein, liebe Leute, so könnt ihr wirklich eines nicht werden: Heilige! Weiterlesen

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Nach der Ungarnwahl: „Europa a body without a soul“?

The necessary bases of a European community

Article written by Robert Schuman for the Pax Romana review in June 1953

One would make a mistake and be the victim of a dangerous illusion if one believed that, in order to make Europe, it would be sufficient to create European Institutions. It would be like a body without a soul. These institutions will have to be led by a European spirit, as His Holiness Pius XII defined it, in front of the members of the College of Europe in Bruges last March 15. The peoples belonging to a European Community will have to be aware of their solidarity, and place their trust in their mutual cooperation.

However, between nations that, a short while ago, were still fighting each other as enemies, the budding of such feelings will be slow and difficult; it will not only be antagonized by the memories of a recent past, but also by mistakes, blunders and sometimes deliberate provocations, finally by the apprehensions regarding the future. All these are reasons for us to succeed quickly.

First it is necessary to really want this union, and to persuade oneself of its necessity; then to implement it within a limited but important sector, as it was the case for the production of coal and steel. The relations that will  thus be established between politicians and members of the business world, the community of interests and action that organizes itself between individuals and nations, all this constitutes an excellent school where  the European spirit is learnt hands-on, by a sort of direct method, appreciated by pedagogues. The demonstration is thus made every day and the conviction settles that there is no such thing as irremediable antagonism and that cooperation is profitable to each.

These are, admittedly, only questions of interests, arising from a form of utilitarian pragmatism. They have their importance and their value should not be underestimated. It is indeed necessary that the peaceful relations between European nations don’t rely exclusively, as in the past, on legal engagements that are all too easy to disown or to forget. We want precisely to add to these engagements the guarantee of linked interests and permanent institutions…

It is necessary to recognize, however, that a great idea must be based on deeper foundations, on the spiritual values whose utmost importance has been underlined by the Pope, in a brilliant presentation.

To reach this aim, it would be necessary to rehabilitate these values, banished by materialism and selfishness from our national life, where distrust, fear and hate, these sources of disintegration and paralysis, are prevalent.

Our objective must be to establish a spiritual community between human beings and between nations.

It first means that it is necessary to know and to understand each other.  Hence the necessity to multiply personal contacts, exchanges between students and between professors, between unionists and between businessmen and political leaders, and not only during conventions and field trips, but on the human level, where the soul can express itself, where you can reveal qualities of heart, family values as well as individual ones, present energies and the wealth of traditions.

These contacts and experiences are a far cry from tourist pleasures. They consciously and patiently prepare the cooperation between nations that so far had kept ignoring each other, confining themselves to a dangerous self withdrawal, driving to nationalistic pride and to pernicious prejudices. There is a first duty. A second one consists in searching in whatever is said or written, the factors that unite, instead of systematically underlining those that oppose. In the field of interests, there will always be conflicts that one will try to solve by the method indicated above. In the field of ideas, of intellectual and spiritual aspirations, clashes are less bitter, accommodations easier and less fragile. After the awful disasters of the two world wars, and in front of new threats, it is, above all, the idea of peace, the will for peace that forms the link and a strong starting point. Peace, not as an abstract notion or as a sentimental desire, but as a long and painstaking enterprise, in which everyone will have to get involved.

Those that are so lucky as to be able to contribute to this, thanks to their spirit of brotherhood based on a Christian conception of freedom and human dignity – will be among the best architects of a Europe thus renovated and united.


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Inside the White House Bible Study group

  • 8 April 2018

Every Wednesday, some of the world’s most powerful people meet in a conference room in Washington DC to learn about God.

The location can’t be revealed – the Secret Service won’t allow it – but the members can.

Vice-President Mike Pence. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Energy Secretary Rick Perry. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The list goes on.

In total, 10 cabinet members are „sponsors“ of the group. Not everyone attends every meeting – they are busy people – but they go if they can. Weiterlesen

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50 Jahre Humanae vitae – ein Gastkommentar von Günter Virt und Martin Lintner

Günter Virt ist em. Univ. Prof. an der Universität Wien. – Martin Lintner, OSM, ist Ordinarius für Moraltheologie und Spirituelle Theologie an der PTH Brixen.

In wenigen Monaten kehrt der 50. Jahrtag der Veröffentlichung der Enzyklika Humanae vitae von Paul VI. wieder. Weiterlesen

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Pope Francis‘ Silence on Central Europe’s Migration Crackdown

Ja, man kann sich nicht alles wünschen! Gott sei Dank ist er konsequent bei der Dezentralisierung der Entscheidungen (hfk)

Date: 08-03-2018
Source: Foreign Affairs By Victor Gaetan

Why He’s Unlikely to Intervene

Ever since the European migrant crisis began in 2015, Pope Francis has urged Europe’s Catholics to welcome “refugees who flee death from war and hunger.” Yet the governments of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia—central European countries with traditionally Catholic identities—have proved remarkably hostile to this counsel, showing continued resistance to EU resettlement quotas and voicing continued opposition to taking in Middle Eastern migrants. In the face of this reaction, it is worth asking: Why has the pope not been more critical of these governments and their refugee policies? In spite of Francis’ global profile and penchant for envelope-pushing pronouncements, when it comes to specific national policies he is often reticent. More than previous popes, he defers to the views of national bishops and favors decentralized decision-making in the Church, an approach that can be read in the Catholic social principle of subsidiarity.


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Kein “sicheres Herkunftsland”: Wir müssen über Afghanistan reden

Ein Beitrag von David Freudenthaler, der sehr nachdenklich macht. Wie  kann unsere Gesellschaft und unsere Politik ihr menschliches Angesichts bewahren? (Paul M. Zulehner) 

Über eine afghanische Familie in Österreich und deren bevorstehende Abschiebung in ihr Heimatland

Wir haben eine afghanische Familie zuhause untergebracht — vor einigen Tagen kam der negative Bescheid. Ihnen droht die Abschiebung in ein Land, das derzeit völlig in Chaos und Gewalt versinkt. Afghanistan ist aufgrund der jüngsten Entwicklungen aber alles andere als ein sicheres Herkunftsland und darüber müssen wir reden.


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Kardinal Müller: Rein praktische Theologie reicht nicht

So berichtet heute die Kathpress, was ich als Pastoraltheologie nicht unkommentiert stehen lassen will. Weiterlesen

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