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Evangelical Christians Helped Elect Donald Trump but Their Time as a Major Political Force Is Coming to An End

Date: 13-12-2018 Source: NewsWeek BY NINA BURLEIGH Pastor Says Evangelicals Still Support Trump Despite Porn Star Sex Allegations U.S. Alex Camire left the church a few months before his pastor announced from the pulpit that the election of Donald Trump … Weiterlesen

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Die Furche Goes Digital!

Das ist einen Versuch wert! (hfk) Der Weg zur neuen digitalen FURCHE | Online-Ansicht  Begleiten Sie uns auf dem Weg zur digitalen FURCHE Innehalten, weiterdenken: Vor anderthalb Jahren haben wir den Schritt ins Social Web gewagt, seither haben wir hinter … Weiterlesen

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The Populist Wave Hits the Catholic Church

Date: 14-11-2018 Source: Foreign Affairs By R. R. Reno How Pope Francis Triggered a Rebellion The Catholic Church faces a crisis of leadership. The latest series of abuse revelations, most notably the exposure of former U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick as … Weiterlesen

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Francis on the ropes

   Date: 08-11-2018 Source: The Economist Clerical sexual-abuse scandals strengthen the pope’s conservative critics Launched in optimism, Francis’s papacy is bogged down in infighting and scandals As an fbi agent for 29 years, Philip Scala led the operation that jailed … Weiterlesen

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The odd connection between Brexit and lukewarm religion

Date: 28-09-2018 Source: The Economist Subject: Anglicanism, evangelicalism and Brexit The odd connection between Brexit and lukewarm religion A happy breed of nativists who like their religion cool and English YOUR correspondent was chatting the other day to a young … Weiterlesen

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Inside the White House Bible Study group

By Owen Amos BBC News, Washington DC 8 April 2018  For the first time in at least 100 years, the US Cabinet has a bible study group. What do they learn? What does Donald Trump make of it? And why … Weiterlesen

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Pope Francis‘ Silence on Central Europe’s Migration Crackdown

Ja, man kann sich nicht alles wünschen! Gott sei Dank ist er konsequent bei der Dezentralisierung der Entscheidungen (hfk) Date: 08-03-2018 Source: Foreign Affairs By Victor Gaetan Why He’s Unlikely to Intervene Ever since the European migrant crisis began in … Weiterlesen

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